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MIWVE's mission is to identify, connect, educate, advocate, support and empower all military veterans, service members, their family members and the youth in the 
8 dimensions of wellness.
                 MIWVE is dedicated to continuing to safely carry out our mission during this COVID-19 Pandemic season. In the military the mission never stops regardless of the season.
So we carry that same spirit in serving within our communities at large.  

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​Click on Comcast Newsmakers LOGO below to view Sgt. Shannon's 2019 Interview airing in millions 
of homes across the nation.  
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Attention USA Women Veterans! 
     Share your story, poem or literary work                in our 2nd "Our Voices United"  Women Veterans Speak Anthology Book Project Volume 1 has been released buy off Amazon below.
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 Click to view Sgt. Shannon's
  2018 Interview 

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View 2019 Interview
Our 3rd Annual 2018 Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment Conference was a Success!
Check out our conference video, a great time we had together!
The Psychology of Money Event
March 30, 2019 
Great Success!!!
MIWVE's "Dirt Therapy" Sessions in Southfield and in Flint, MI were great successes!!! 

We planted and cultivated our community gardens from June - late October since 2017

(RET) Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon was the featured guest on the beautiful Dr. Michele Leno’s  “Mind Matters” TV-38 Show - WADL Detroit which airs in 1.9 Million homes in 
7 counties in Michigan. 

The discussion was about women veteran’s statistics, the challenges with transitioning from the military and focused on the mental health aspect and provided solutions. 

2019 4th Annual Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment Conference was a great success!
Check out our conference Highlights Video Below
Check out MIWVE's Events 2016 - 2019
History Highlights Video 
 Success!!! Our 2021 Summer Dirt Therapy: Veterans & Youth Agriculture and Agribusiness Program will continue in the City of Flint. MIWVE is partnering with MarySam's Gardens, Motherly Intercession and Genesee County Land Bank - Clean Green Program 

In 2020 MIWVE planted and cultivated 
our 4th Annual "Dirt Therapy" garden 
in Flint MI

Which was dedicated to honor the lives of the 22 veterans that commit suicide daily and the sacrifice of the veteran population as a whole. 

We have expanded our youth Agribusiness program initiative which includes the following services: lawn care, landscaping, blight removal, snow removal, leaf removal, tree cutting and removal and various misc.. services

 Check out video below

Summer 2020-2021
Flint, MI
Discover the world of cryptocurrency and trading -
 Investment Opportunity
Join Us LIVE Wednesday April 28, 2021 @ 7:00 PM

MIWVE's 3rd Annual Financial Wellness Empowerment Event
Entrepreneur Elizabeth Thompson of Mastery IM Academy will be presenting.
What will you learn: What is cryptocurrency? How does cryptocurrency work?
How is it different from investing in the traditional stock market trading system?
Q & A - Join us LIVE of MIWVE Facebook https://www.tinyurl.com/5byv2sxs

Become a certified Gatekeeper in 90 minutes
QPR – Suicide Prevention Training F
Zoom Online Training
You will learn:
1.How to question, persuade and refer someone who may be suicidal.
2.How to get help for yourself or learn more about preventing suicide.
3.The common causes of suicidal behavior.
4.The warning signs of suicide.
5.How to get help for someone in a crisis.

Stephanie Grimes – Certified Gatekeeper Trainer
Offers Free 90 Minutes Zoom Sessions
For More info Contact: Stephanie Grimes
 Email: sgrimes@hegiralhealth.org 
Phone (734) 968.0501 www.hegiralthealth.org

A MIWVE Pandemic Mental Health Intervention, suicide is 100% preventable. #22toomany