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Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment Programs and Services

At Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment we care about our women veteran population, their families and all service members as a whole. 

Our programs and supportive services are designed to impact the eight dimensions of wellness: social, environmental, physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, and financial in the life of every woman veteran.

At MIWVE we offer a variety of tailor made women veteran programs designed to empower them in every aspect of their life. Our unique programs, workshops, trainings, retreats, events, seminars and webinars impact the women veteran population as a whole because they are designed with women veteran in mind, implemented and carried out by women veterans themselves. 

We focused on but  are not limited too..

Being fit, healthy and whole.
Holistic and natural methods of healing. 
Book writing and self-publishing workshops
Women Veterans Prayer Ministry
Michigan Women Veterans Support groups 
"Our Voices United"
 Women Veterans Anthology Book Project
 LAWVEC- Lansing Area Women Veterans 
Empowerment Coalition 
VEN- Veterans Empowerment Radio Show
Veterans Voices Magazine Column - Honey Suckle Mag
Flint & Detroit Women Vet. Empowerment Chapters
Art therapy programs and much more…

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Contact for more info:
Email MIWVEC@yahoo.com 
(810) 373-5744

Faith based organizations are critical components in the integration of veterans and the warrior population . The RAND Corporation which is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous. RAND is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, and committed to the public interest. The recent 
RAND report listed the following findings about FBO's, Faith Based Organizations:  

• Faith-based organizations (FBOs) not only attend to veterans’ spiritual needs but also address many other areas of veteran health and wellness.

• FBOs are already interacting with other organizations in the web of integration support but to varying degrees and with different levels of success.

• FBO efforts are sometimes limited by resource and capacity constraints, insufficient connections within the web of support, lack of awareness or experience with veterans, and characteristics of veterans themselves.

• Partnerships may be necessary to fully realize FBO capacity to support veterans and to gauge the effectiveness of such support.