Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment
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Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment
Michigan Women Veteran Empowerment is a faith based all volunteer 501c3 non profit organization that is a tax deductible 
charitable organization.

MISSION: Is to identify, connect, empower, recognize, support and provide a voice for the women veterans in Michigan. 


* Bring awareness to society the many issues of 
women veterans and provide solutions.
* Engage women veterans in conversations and 
build relationships.
* Provide professional high quality services and provide 
   resources for women veterans and their families.
* Showcase Michigan women veteran’s gifts, talents 
and accomplishments.
* Support and encourage women veterans in every 
area of their lives.
* Provide an opportunity for women veterans to network, 
be educated and connected to their community resources.
* Host events, workshops, retreats and conferences. 
* Advocate and support sexual assault survivors.

There are over 47,000 women veterans in Michigan, women veterans make up 1% of the veteran United States population with 14.6% in the active duty ranks. The challenges women veterans face in transitioning from military to civilian life are many; unemployment, homelessness, PTSD and more. Many women veterans need assistance and often tend to isolate if they don't receive the critical intervention of services needed. Awareness is imperative as these issues arise, so does our understanding of the challenges our women veterans face each day. Our most sincere hope is to empower our women veterans once again and to help them make a successful transition into all the areas of their new civilian lives and to find self-sufficiency for themselves and stabilize their families.

Women Veteran Empowerment is a women veteran led collaboration of members of the Michigan veteran community working together to create a women veteran programs that are tailored made to meet the needs and fulfill the desires of the Michigan women veteran population and their families. 

​What empowers you? Let's pass it on! Join the movement 

We will not quietly stand by we will act, advocate, we will teach, lead and impact the lives of others.
Interested in learning more?
Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon
 (RET) Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon is the Founder and CEO of Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment. Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon is a Amazon best-selling author, entrepreneur, consultant, inspirational speaker and veteran advocate who has over 28 years of experience combined in the fields of business, social service and social work, community development, leadership, ministry, collaborations, entrepreneurship, youth development programs, women veteran’s empowerment, event planning and consulting. She is also the founder and CEO of a youth development non-profit organization, Stepeze Inc. 1999 that empowers youth to become productive members of society. 

Sgt. Shannon is a honorably discharged disabled U.S. Army veteran who has served her county for eight years including in the 1990-1991 Desert Storm/Desert Shield Persian Gulf War I.  She earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Grand Valley State University and is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller "Battling The Storm Within". Sgt. Shannon has authored a 2nd book "Our Voices United" Women Veterans Anthology book, she is an inspirational speaker, veterans advocate and is a licensed and ordained Pastor since 2007 in the Christian faith that over sees and operates the "Battling The Storm Within Ministries" 

Sgt. Shannon was featured on the  cover and has a full article in the  Women2Women 
Michigan Magazine, On Demand Comcast Newsmakers 
and the VA Make the Connection
Author/Founder Med  Kit

MIWVE leadership believes that respect, integrity, trust and fairness are the hallmarks of all our interactions. We value a culture where everyone is involved, held accountable, respected and appreciated.