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Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment strives to Identify, Connect, Educate, Advocate, Support and Empower  Veterans and military family members in the 8 dimensions of wellness. 
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Attention USA Women Veterans! 
     Share your story, poem or literary work                in our 2nd "Our Voices United"  Women Veterans Speak Anthology Book Project Volume 1 has been released buy off Amazon below.
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Our 3rd Annual 2018 Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment Conference was a Success!
Check out our conference video, a great time we had together!
Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment is a 501c3 tax deductible faith based non-profit organization that seeks to empower women veterans to find their voice and provide a platform for them to speak. This anthology book project "Our Voices United" will provide an opportunity for women veterans from all branches of service and across the nation to speak their story and their truth. To many times as women veterans we feel our voices are not heard or considered significant. Now is the time to unify our selves for women veterans make up 1% of the US population and the world wants to hear from us. 

The Goal & Intended Audience:

To encourage women veterans to find their voice and speak boldly and courageously 
will bringing awareness to the public the life experiences of women veterans.

The Vision:

To collaborate with fellow women veterans who will be co-authors that will 
share their story through their literary work.  

The Concept:

The visionary and lead author, Sgt. Stephanie Shannon, wrote her first book "Battling the Storm Within" which helped her find her voice and provided a platform for her to continue to bring awareness 
and speak her truth to the world. This book will be used as a historical platform for women
 veterans of all branches and across the nation to open up and share their military experience in
order to liberate themselves. Specifically, she’d like each co-author to share their success and challenging
stories and poems on how their life was prior to military, during military service and after. 

What will the reader learn?

After completing this book, the reader will gain an understanding of women veterans life experiences, bring awareness to the many issues women veterans experience, learn how to support women veterans, become a part of the woman veteran movement to empower women veterans. 

What’s in it for women veterans?

Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon wants to empower you to speak boldly to the world your story your truth which is totally inspirational. As a woman veteran, you make up 1% of the US population and you have achieved what most will never know and understand so that is a compelling and unique story about your military experience in it's self. Each woman veteran story will be different and that's what makes us so great and unique and as sisters in Arms that is why we need to support, empower and inspire each other. Collectively our stories/experiences will illustrate a clear picture of what life in the military for a woman really looks like, and it'll bring insight, empathy and support from others. 

Aside from being able to fuel your passion to impact women globally, this collaboration will help you gain more exposure for your business, brand and can increase awareness of your mission. For some of you, it will help to build your platform as a speaker or introduce you as a new author to the world.  Promote yourself, your website, business, project or whatever you are working on by providing the public information on how to contact you, learn more about you which can produce more opportunities for you.   

Any woman veteran the submits her story to the "Our Voices United" Anthology book project will 
featured as an co-author, there will be no financial compensation or any charge but the reward of being 
a published author and making history. Any woman veteran the submits her story to the 
"Our Voices United" Anthology book project will featured as an co-author, there will be no financial compensation or any charge but the reward of being a published author and making history. 

 The woman veteran author will receive a FREE copy of the book once published, along with the 
opportunity to purchase the book at discount price which can re-sold for personal use.

This book project's expenses is no cost to you, the production,  editing, publication and marketing will be covered by MIWVE and by donations and sponsorships of others that desire to contribute. Please feel free to send us a note if you are interested a memorandum of understanding/contract will be emailed to you for your review and acceptance. Once a woman veteran submits her literary work it will become a part of the book. 

How to Enter: USA woman veteran, submit a poem or write a max. 2-page short story 12 pt. 800- 1,000 words about your military experience, how it has shaped and impacted your life and where you are at today. 
(Only one entry per person allowed)

 Include your full legal name, branch of service(s), time of service, rank, military occupation, email address and phone number. 
Submit to: MIWVEC@yahoo.com
Subject Line: “Our Voices United Book Project”

The first volume of  "Our Voices United" was published and released at the
2016 Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment Conference on Saturday November 19, 2016.

 The OVU Women Veteran Anthology Book Project is a ONGOING book project 
and will continue to be OPEN to collect stories and will publish volume accordingly.

Please feel free to send us a note at MIWVEC@yahoo.com if you are interested, request a "Legal Book Agreement" and it will be emailed to you for your review and acceptance. 

Once a woman veteran submits her literary work it will become a part of the next volumes of books. 

All legal rights will remain with the author, if your interested in being a part of this book project please email us @ MIWVEC@yahoo.com and we will send you a copy of the book project agreement for your review and  acceptance. The woman veteran co-author will be notified of the publishing process and the date of release of the next volumes, thanks in advance for your participation and lets again, make history!
All MIWVE's events are open to ALL veterans, current military service members and the general public at large. We served together as men and women of the Armed forces now we need to fellowship, network and continue to serve in our communities as a whole.

The Psychology of Money Event
March 30, 2019 
Great Success!!!
"Dirt Therapy"
Veterans Agriculture & Agribusiness
Youth & Adult Educational Program

This is a partnership with MIWVE & St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center

Open to Seniors, Youth, Veterans & the Public
Join us on Thursdays Beginning June 27, 2019
11 to 2 p.m.​

St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center     
3115 Lawndale Ave.  
Flint, MI 48504

   Come out to experience the healing power of "Dirt Therapy"    
Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon will be volunteering and serving by instructing and educating   
                             participants. They will gain knowledge and experience in hands-on gardening, how to plant and                     
cultivate and  maintain a community garden along with developing various other skills.

                                          We are working together to establish a healthy and vibrant community in Flint.                                                                                               St. Luke N.E.W Life Center has awesome programs for the Flint community                                                         they service 3,000 people a month visit their website for more information.
                                                  www.stlukenewlife.com  For more info. on "Dirt Therapy contact                                                                    Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon (810) 373-5744  or Email: MIWVEC @ MIWVEC@yahoo.com

MIWVE's "Dirt Therapy" Sessions in Southfield, MI was a great success!!! 
We are planting and cultivating our community garden from June - September 2019